Equestrian athlete SIU Jacqueline Wing Ying wins Hong Kong’s first gold in the 18th Asian Games

23 August 2018, Jakarta: Equestrian athlete SIU Jacqueline Wing Ying won in the Individual Dressage final and grabbed Hong Kong’s first gold medal in the 18th Asian Games today. 


This is her, as well as the Equestrian team’s, first gold medal in the Asian Games. Jacqueline proceeded to the final on 23 August with high score in the first round “Prix St-Georges” & second round “Intermediate I”, scoring 70.735pt (Rank 3rd) & 71.970pt (Rank 2nd). She and her partner, Jockey Club Fuerst On Tour, finally clinched the gold medal with 77pt in the final.


In Fencing events, CHOI Nicholas Edward and teammate CHEUNG Ka Long took home the silver and bronze medals of Men’s Individual Foil. KONG Man Wai Vivian, LOW Ho Tin, LIU Yan Wai and the Men’s Sabre Team (CHANG Chi Hin Cyrus, LAM Hin Chung, LEE Chak Fung Terence and LOW Ho Tin)  have won four bronze medals in Women’s Individual Epee, Men’s Individual Sabre, Women’s Individual Foil and Men’s Team Sabre respectively. As of today, the Fencing team have already got 1 silver and 5 bronzes in total.


Hong Kong has also won one silver medal and one bronze medal in Wushu. MOK Uen Ying Juanita grabbed the silver medal in Women’s Taolu Taijiquan & Taijijian all round, while YUEN Ka Ying clinched the bronze medal in Women’s Taolu Nanquan & Nandao all round. In Swimming events, Women’s 4×100 freestyle relay team (AU Hoi Shun Stephanie, CHENG Camille Lily Mei, SZE Hang Yu, TAM Hoi Lam and HO Nam Wai) and Women’s 4×200 freestyle relay team (CHAN Kin Lok, CHENG Camille Lily Mei, HO Nam Wai, KAN Cheuk Tung Natalie, SZE Hang Yu, TANG Tsoi Lam Katii and YEUNG Jamie Zhen Mei) have also won two bronze medals.


The Hong Kong, China Delegation now ranks 15th in the Asian Game’s metal tally with 1 gold, 2 silvers and 8 bronzes.